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How to do business with Chinese and chat with Chinese online

With the development of Chinese manufacture, there are more and more business oppotunities in China, if you want to grad the chance to make money. this article will show you how to do business with Chinese.

Workshop for companies interested in doing business with China and the Chinese. This intensive, interactive & practical workshop is appropriate for any company or business person wanting to increase their business success with China & the Chinese. Covering the business environment, common situations & behaviours and the reasons behind them, as well as typical stumbling blocks and strategies for success when working with Chinese.

The course includes a pre-course online cultural assessment for each participant & allows for discussion & advice for their particular situation.

Workshop outline:
Intro. to China business
Cultural dimensions
Common issues
Guanxi & face
Communication styles

To find Chinese manufacturer, you can go to following webistes:

Chat with Chinese online:
If you are a member of alibaba, with the chat client TradeManager, you can chat with Chinese factories online. Many of them don't understand English or other foreign languages. If you don't know Chinese, either, doing business will be impossible.

But you can use online chat translation software for help, TradeManager Translator can translate English, Spanish, German, Hindi, Dutch and other 20 languages to Chinese instantly when you chatting.

Besides, there are chat translator for Skype, Chat Translator for MSN, and Yahoo Messenger Translator. With the chat translators, you can chat and do business with Chinese very easily!

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